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Stories and Poems, Copywriting and Content Strategy by Story Navigator Jeda Pearl

Hey you, I’m Jeda, boss of mischief, storytelling & strategy around here.

I write fiction & poetry and I help business owners navigate their stories by providing editing, copywriting, ghostwriting and content strategy services.

Writer + Poet {official bio}

Jeda Pearl is a Scottish writer & poet. Inspired by her Jamaican and Geordie-Scottish heritage, her work often explores the intersections of identity, belonging, secrecy and survival. Jeda was awarded Cove Park’s Scottish Emerging Writer Residency and shortlisted for the Moniack Mohr Emerging Writer Bridge Awards in 2019 and selected for Written & Arvon’s first BAME writers course in 2018. She’s a member of the Scottish BAME Writers Group & Network, editor for The Selkie and is a Cambridge Short Story, Momaya Press, Yellow Room and Words with Jam short story finalist. Her poems and short stories appear or are upcoming in anthologies published by TSS Publishing, Tapsalteerie Press and Shoreline of Infinity. Find her online @jedapearl or

* * *

Inspiration for my stories and poems comes from many places…

  • The musicality of my family’s shared languages, Scots, Geordie, Jamaican Patios
  • Superstitions, folklore and unsettling, twisted fairytales
  • Untold and hidden stories, Scotland & Jamaica’s entwined histories, the under-represented
  • Science fiction, the fantastical, surreal, eccentric, weird and unexpected
  • Life in all its rough & tough edges, incredible beauty and everything in between
  • Health or lack thereof, the wilds of parenthood, being a mixed-race POC, being Scottish
  • Creativity in all its forms - art, illustration, design, dance, music
  • So many amazing writers…

Author Crushes

Argh, so many! Andrea Levy, Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison, Octavia E. Butler, Helen Oyeyemi, Malorie Blackman, Kerry Young, Patrice Lawrence, Maya Angelou, Angela Readman, Zoe Gilbert, Susanna Clarke, Gillian Flynn, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Ursula Le Guin, Roald Dahl, Rosie Garland, Zadie Smith, Kirsty Logan, Philip Pullman, Haruki Murakami, Oliver Jeffers, Suzanne Collins, Reni Eddo-Lodge, George Orwell, David Mitchell, Nikita Gill, Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀, Jasmin Kaur…

… and whoever I'm reading right now! Check out who I’m following on Instagram + my Twitter lists, esp: BIPOC {Black, indigenous & people of colour}, writing industry folk, writers to discover.

“Lovely, economical writing and fantastic turns of phrase.” – Willow

“I love the economical observation and the raw but restrained narrative voice. Your writing is wonderfully visual – it has the lilt of poetry and its rare to find such attention to style.” – Jane Hales

Contact me for readings, creative collabs or my creative writing CV.

Story Navigator

Imagine if you had an intuitive writer helping you navigate your stories…? You’d build deeper, longer lasting connections with more of your ideal readers & customers.

I work with passionate, dedicated business owners and organisations who want to make an impact.

KristyPic170-150x150"You've done an amazing job - far surpassed my expectations and have provided such incredible copy! You made the experience amazing!"  

- Kristy Gostelow, Kadence Group

VictoriaPic170-150x150"Jeda's an excellent communicator and empathetic listener – ensuring your business needs are met from all angles. I recommend Jeda wholeheartedly."  

- Victoria Handley, No Pink Please

Danielle Zeigler's testimonial for Jeda Pearl's copywriting & strategy work

"Jeda feels like a partner in my business. She genuinely cares about the success of her clients and she goes above and beyond to add value (for you and your clients). 

- Danielle Zeigler, SEO Specialist + Digital Strategist 

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Copywriting | Editing | Ghostwriting &/or Content Strategy | Marketing Support

If you enjoy using expansive, supportive frameworks to develop your writing, marketing and content strategy + seek meaningful connection with your audience/readers, you're in the right place. Hire Jeda...

Check out my Portfolio

Want to know my street cred? Find out my philosophy + background as a copywriter + content strategist.

Multiverse featured image

Published in Multiverse – a new science fiction poetry anthology

3 min | I’m thrilled to announce that I have two poems, The Thaw and Tempest to be published in Multiverse – New International Science Fiction Poetry published by Shoreline of Infinity, co-edited by Russell Jones and Rachel Plummer. This is exciting on many levels… These are my very first poems to be published, EVER. I have self-published a few poems online – here on my…

Writing prompts for writers of fiction, novels, short stories, poetry

Charcoal Heart Writing Prompt + Flash Fiction

5 min | Here is a wee writing prompt for you… Write a scene where one of your characters is described as having a ‘charcoal heart‘. It can be from the POV {point-of-view} of your protagonist, or one character describing another. Their charcoal heart can be fantastical, literal or anything in between… Write as much…

Jeda pearl's poems

Glimmer of the Harvest – a poem by Jeda Pearl

2 min | Glimmer of the Harvest   Death weaves his gossamer, silken threads around you, splicing through your veins. His ragdoll eyelashes dust your cheek. He snuffles, urgent, in your ear – archaic, fragile babe afeard of what the dark may hold.   His scent, a glimpse of memory, half-woken – a molluscs’ secretion, it shimmers on your periphery.…

Novel by Scottish-Jamaican writer, Jeda Pearl. Jeda is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is working on her first novel.

The Lining of the Shell – the birth of a novel

11 min | In The Lining of the Shell, Dessie’s life feels constantly poisoned by her older half-sister, high-functioning sociopath, Delphine, until she meets Jake. But Dessie and Jake have secrets of their own – secrets that could destroy them. Simultaneously, in 1842, young Sohal is enslaved to Maestro Jones, performing in his Menagerie Review…

The Brink Award-winning Short Story by Scottish Jamaican writer Jeda Pearl

The Brink – short story excerpt

3 min | In this award-winning short story, frustrated painter Mark is stuck in an office job he hates, sat next to an employee he can’t stand. It pays a pittance and he’s about to become a father.  WARNING! Contains violence. The Brink was Shortlisted in the Words With Jam 2011 Short Story Competition. Words With Jam is a UK literary…

Chipped and Wandering Award-winning Short Story by Scottish Jamaican writer Jeda Pearl

Chipped and Wandering – short story excerpt

3 min | Follow the misadventures of a chipped button as it travels from child to child in this award-winning funny, moving short story. Chipped and Wandering was Highly Commended, The Yellow Room Spring 2012 Short Story Competition. The Yellow Room ran from 1998 to 2013, publishing short stories by female writers and running seasonal…

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