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Tjasa"Jeda is a true word magician! The way she transformed my thoughts (which were all over the place) amazes me! She takes care of everything, her system is amazing and she’s so easy to work with.” 

– Tjasa, Miss Ollie Photography

VictoriaPic170-150x150"Jeda's an excellent communicator and empathetic listener – ensuring your business needs are met from all angles. I recommend Jeda wholeheartedly."  

- Victoria Handley, No Pink Please

DanielaAddoPic1 "The sales page copy Jeda wrote made me want to buy my own product! She's incredibly talented and persuasive with her words, and genuinely cares about the success of her clients." 

- Daniela Woerner, AddoAesthetics





Hey you, I'm Jeda, boss of mischief, storytelling & strategy around here.

I write fiction & poetry and make art, often exploring intersections of identity, (be)longing, creativity, feminism, parenting and the womxn of colour experience.

I also help creative entrepreneurs navigate their stories via intuitive + strategic copywriting & marketing.

If you enjoy using expansive, supportive frameworks to develop your writing, content marketing and strategy and you seek meaningful connection with your audience/readers, you're in the right place.

Love reading fiction which explores what it means to be human? You’re also in the right place!

Find out more about me here.

I’ve adored writing stories, poems and letters since I can remember - find out more about my creative writing.

Since 2003, I’ve worked with 100s of diverse, inspiring businesses, from trailblazing start-ups to bodacious, award-winning bizmamas - find out more about my philosophy and background as a copywriter and content strategist or scroll on down...

Claim back your time {& sanity}, attract your right audience and grow your business

Soulful rebel, entrepreneurial heart

I know you

You’re the one with an untameable fire, deep within

You choose truth and passion and courage {even when your heart quakes}

Your ideal clients seek a deep and lasting connection, but they won't wait around
I can help you forge deeper relationships, generate more sales, and create meaningful success

helen-newby-for-jpc"I was completely blown away by your help! Your ideas are fantastic and it's so refreshing for someone to come up with ideas like this.” 

– Helen Newby, Dee Dee & Boo

leia“You take the time to really 'get' the person and their business and you are a great voice for my offerings. You go above and beyond to serve.” 

– Leia Nicole, Leia Nicole Fitness

KristyPic170-150x150"You've done an amazing job - far surpassed my expectations and have provided such incredible copy! You made the experience amazing!"  

- Kristy Gostelow, Kadence Group

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Case Study: Launch Content + Strategy
Multiverse featured image

Published in Multiverse – a new science fiction poetry anthology

3 min | I’m thrilled to announce that I have two poems, The Thaw and Tempest to be published in Multiverse – New International Science Fiction Poetry published by Shoreline of Infinity, co-edited by Russell Jones and Rachel Plummer. This is exciting on many levels… These are my very first poems to be published, EVER. I have self-published a few poems online – here on my…

Writing prompts for writers of fiction, novels, short stories, poetry

Charcoal Heart Writing Prompt + Flash Fiction

5 min | Here is a wee writing prompt for you… Write a scene where one of your characters is described as having a ‘charcoal heart‘. It can be from the POV {point-of-view} of your protagonist, or one character describing another. Their charcoal heart can be fantastical, literal or anything in between… Write as much…

Jeda pearl's poems

Glimmer of the Harvest – a poem by Jeda Pearl

2 min | Glimmer of the Harvest   Death weaves his gossamer, silken threads around you, splicing through your veins. His ragdoll eyelashes dust your cheek. He snuffles, urgent, in your ear – archaic, fragile babe afeard of what the dark may hold.   His scent, a glimpse of memory, half-woken – a molluscs’ secretion, it shimmers on your periphery.…

Jeda's mad skillz


Intuitive strategy


Devouring cake
Beating cancer
Giving birth
Tolerance for rice noodles


CMS, ie WordPress, etc
Trigonometry & Calculus
Web copy formatting

Find out why I have such a low tolerance for rice noodles on my Philosophy & About page 🙂

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