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For the past few weeks I’ve been plotting and planning the future tone of my brand + what projects I want & need to focus on.

While I like to think I have a “visionary outlook” and I really do, in reality when it comes to my own biz, I’m an idea machine. Which is exciting and wonderful, but also overwhelming, unrelenting and exhausting. For example, there are…

  • half-finished sales pages for new VIP retainer services
  • plans for at least 3 digital programs languishing in shoeboxes
  • an app idea I spent 3 months on, then binned
  • physical product ideas, like a writing-prompt card deck
  • unpublished blog posts which have been through multiple drafts
  • volumes of sketches yet to tumble out of my mind and onto the page
  • communities for this sector or that niche which are greatly needed
  • novels and stories within stories I dream through at night
  • love-notes & poems to post on Instagram…

But, we have only one life.

So, how can I wrestle the business mastermind and unyielding artist parts of me and combine them into one tenacious brand that makes sense to people and enable’s me create all.the.things {when I hate being pigeon-holed}?

Why is it so much easier to do what you do for other business owners than for yourself?!! 

If I was my new client, I’d:

  1. Demand answers to my {rather long} Discovery Questionnaire {it works!}
  2. Generate a bespoke Ideal Client Compass
  3. Refine the brand tone + message
  4. Uncover strategies & ideas for growth/delivery/connection
  5. Deliver heart-melting words

Today I listened to Tiffany Han’s podcast Raise Your Hand Say Yes {it’s great, go check it out}, where she chats to the former advertising creative director, turned greetings designer status-quo disruptor, Emily McDowell. about

They talked about avoiding trends {yes!}, creative work/non-creative work balance and key things to consider when branding your business. This really spoke to me today, as having your core brand defined enables you to pivot and shoot-off down tangents while remaining true to your brand {and not confusing your audience}.

It’s a great listen in full, but Emily’s advice to have just three adjectives that define your brand and every idea must meet all three, is genius.

Her three adjectives are: Insightful, Relatable, Colourful.

In the podcast, Emily spoke about how she used her ad industry experience to develop a “pitch deck” for her own brand + criteria, which ideas for production must meet.

My Ideal Client Compass is not dissimilar to a pitch deck and it’s a really effective tool, but I love the simplicity of the 3 adjectives… Going through my own Ideal Client Compass, the 3-4 words (not all adjectives, I know) that are reaching out to me right now are:

Thoughtful – is [the art/work/creation] considered, perceptive and aware?

Resonance – is their a deep emotional connection – am I harnessing &/or communicating my intuitive empathy?

Insightful – does [the art/work/creation] reflect underlying truths (& am I being true to myself)?

Sanctuary – does [the art/work/creation] provide a feeling of a safe space (for transformation or rejuvenation)? This one isn’t always required, eg in fiction.

The great thing is, you don’t have to stick with them forever – our brands evolve after all. But there is beauty in the simplicity of clear language.

What would your 3 (to 4!) words be?