A world in cinders – a poem by Jeda Pearl

Poetic response - when your world is falling apart
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Sun-baked, it crumbles in our hands

Parched cinders flee on howling gales

The bitter taste sticks to our lips,

burns throats and clings to salt-crust faces

Through rasping breaths we choke ourselves


We grapple

and try to grab one another


dust-smeared fingers blunder, slip

Desolate sorrow is yours and mine alone


Until, until…


Her whisper touch upon your shoulder

You sink into her arms, her lap, her furrowed skirts

She brings the rain to rinse the mire

and wash away your crystal tears

Emerge, arise with shrieks and raging whimpers


Her careful ears unfurl and listen

Her tender banter creaks your ribs apart

Your heart is waiting. Bruised, forlorn

The choice is there for you to seek

and pass the kindness on


~ Jeda Pearl  |  © 2016





I wrote this poem in response to seeing people feeling like their world is crumbling. For when your world feels like it’s falling apart from grief, family strife, a horrid diagnosis or you’re adrift in a lowdown funk {and refusing to admit you might have depression}. Maybe you’re utterly heartsick-and-tired of all the atrocities and the suffering we continue to witness in this messed-up, still beautiful world.

If you’ve been swept up in a collective sorrow, I wrote this.

If your sorrow is singular, affecting you &/or your loved ones… I’m still working on that post, but the suggested actions to try in the “collective sorrow” post above might still help.

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