How {& why} does ancient storytelling + river geography = better writing?! [Video]

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What does ancient storytelling & river geography have to do with improving your writing & marketing?

Get to know the third Storytelling Siren, Jagua, and how she can help you improve your business writing and marketing.


Streams of Your Business River

The communicative life of a business is the progress of a river from source to sea Click To Tweet

Source and Streams – Creates your brand identity {your philosophy, visual identity, phraseology}

Tributaries – Your offerings {products & services}

Fertile Delta – Your Publishing & Marketing {web, stationary}

Estuary – Your Audience Community where your river meets the sea

Experience streams melt into Narrative streams, forming the real-life stories you create for and with your audience, as your business evolves.

They’re both about relationships and how you make the people around you FEEL. This is where emotive storytelling comes alive. Say emotive – pumping words & copy full of emotion.


‘Hero’s Journey’

  • American mythologist Joseph Campbell, published a book called “The Hero of a Thousand Faces” – 400 pages combining his studies of mythology with modern psychology to discover an archetypal monomyth plot which appears in almost all stories everywhere, especially Western ones
  • A hero’s quest is characterised with trials, tribulations, and transformation of body and soul.


Storytelling: The most ancient form of human communication & connection

  1. Position your ideal client is the Hero of your business story – you play the role of Mentor.
  2. Think about their whole journey, from first their very first touchpoints–be that your homepage or Facebook post–as they travel up your business river and hang out in the fertile Delta, enjoying the things you publish and making use of your products & services.
  3. Think about each transformation you’re enabling {large life-altering/ small life-enhancing}– think about each transformation and how that makes your ideal client FEEL.
  4. Use those words in your sales writing to convey the benefits and value of working with you / buying from you and you’ll find you’re connecting with them on a deeper level.


Jagua = Journey

The third storytelling siren {Jagua} symbolises journey – the journey of your business, communications, and customers.

What kinds of Narratives will you create together as your audience journeys with you? What stories will they tell, or you want them to tell about their experience of your business?

Download the 8 Storytelling Sirens guide:


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