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You're working damn hard to grow your business, but you're not making the tangible connections you need to close the deal with enough clients, never mind your ideal ones.

You know persuasive communication can make or break each sale, but your words sound off-key. They don't reflect the real you and they just aren't selling.

YOU ARE INVENTIVE - I can feel it in my bones {you're an entrepreneur for Goodness' sake!} and your products / services / concepts / creations, your GIFTS, are distinctive.

But it's soooo frustrating when you're still treading water, while your competitors and biz-idols keep bouncing from great... to awesome... to what-the-fustian-will-it-ever-be-me?!

It comes down to this:

Those lacklustre ABCs aren't doing their job.


What if I told you, you can get your hands on those elusive perfect phrases?


How would you feel if you were handed persuasive copy you could use across all your communication channels, from social to sales.

Words that fully represent you and your company and are filled with empathy, truth and curiosity-sparking magic… words with presence.

I collaborate with savvy solopreneurs and passionate small biz owners on compelling, clear, intuitive and {most important of all} magnetic copywriting. Which means you can:


because you’ve got copy which appeals to your dream clients

Feel elated

because you now have an advantage over your competitors

Have more time

to work on your business using your incredible gifts

Feel secure

that a professional, artistic & experienced writer has your back

More sales, more clients

increase your followers and get more of the right kind of enquiries to grow your business

Want to have someone on your side who lives to write words that matter and loves championing remarkable businesses like yours?

For bespoke, persuasive copywriting:

{20 to 40 short minutes = more inspiration for your own marketing & copy + a no-obligation quote tailored specifically to you & your business}


VictoriaPic170-150x150“Jeda is a highly motivating individual. She is fully engaged in any project she undertakes and can be relied upon to deliver to the highest standard. She’s an excellent communicator and empathetic listener – ensuring your business needs are met from all angles. I recommend Jeda wholeheartedly.” 

– Victoria Handley, No Pink Please


Maybe you’ve had enough of DIY-ing your own copy. Or maybe you’ve bought enough writing courses to fill three-zillion terabytes worth of hard drive and still the right phrases are out of reach.

Does the thought of trawling through 5,000 words make you want to eat your own hands? Or would you rather slurp a cargo shipful of regurgitated Brussels sprouts instead of writing your About page?


Or is it simply {and maddeningly} a lack. of. time? Perhaps it’s not the heinous timesuck that’s gripping you, but an attack of the “Sales Shy”…


KristyPic170-150x150You’ve done an amazing job – far surpassed my expectations and have provided such incredible copy with the little information I provided! I’ve had great feedback about my website content and you made the experience amazing!” 

– Kristy Gostelow, Kadence Group


I’m honoured to have worked with so many incredible entrepreneurs, from dance college owners to zen yogis, from trailblazing start-ups to award-winning designers… and they all found it difficult to sell themselves and their amazing businesses using their own words.

Even I have a hard time selling myself – you won’t believe how many times I’ve re-written this very page! But we must silence our inner critics {mine’s called Cecilia} and practice what we preach. So, although I struggle to sell myself…

I LOVE championing amazing businesswomen {and sometimes men, but mostly women, coz, ya know, sisterhood}. And I LIVE to write.

In fact, I adore crafting…

Sizzling Sales Pages that actually sell

Web Copy to be proud of  – coz it satisfies both you and your customers

Press Releases which demand to be read

Delectable Banquets, such as Case Studies, White Papers, {e}Courses, {e}Books…

Engaging Blog Posts

Hot & tasty morsels {AKA Opt-In Copy, Social Media Profiles, Product & Service Descriptions, etc}

In a nut shell: sentences that flow like a midnight heart-to-heart with your best friend

My most fascinating clients {in no particular order} are:

So whether you’re a one-woman start-up, you’re going through a metamorphantastic rebrand, or are heading up a dream-team enterprise on the cusp of growth… once you’re communicating in a way which sparks a deep connection with only the right people for you, your business will flourish.


But it takes more than compassionate copy to warm your clients’ hearts and gain their trust – your words must be sincere, nourishing, enchanting and {most of all} magnetic.


Every paragraph – every sentence – is a delicate blend of empathy, curiosity, precision, creative invention, eloquence, dedication, persuasive language, objectiveness, the art of storytelling, integrity…

This is NOT for you, if you:

Want a hollow quick-fix, get-rich-quick kinda service;

Are 100% satisfied with your current copy because it’s already delivering the results you want;

Have a business that’s thriving and you’re happy to stay where you are.

We’ll work beautifully together, if you:

Prefer long-term success and enduring results;

Are ready to invest to grow your business;

Understand that even when your copy’s amazing, if there’s no marketing, no one will see it {don’t fret, we can work this in};

Are seeking a transformational, expansive collaboration.

For bespoke, persuasive copywriting:

{20 to 40 short minutes = more inspiration for your own marketing & copy + a no-obligation quote tailored specifically to you & your business}


Deep down you know better copy converts into MORE: more enquiries, more business, more sales.

But will you ever find the time and the reflective distance to discover the right words to captivate your dream clients?




No need to be lost in translation.


Your incredible business deserves language which works for both you and your customers.


Get magnetic words and unleash the power to transform curiosity into cash and “meh” into “hell, yeah!”


Imagine you had an intuitive collaborator, a “Word-Jedi” sidekick {thanks Tamara!} who cheers you on while working up some wordsmithery magic – freeing you up to focus on what you do best.


Whether you need a sales page overhaul, a simple profile edit or a resident ghost{writer}, hiring a professional copywriter is an empowering decision.


So if you want to gain oodles of time back and simultaneously slice a migraine-inducing task off your to-do list, I can give you compelling words designed to captivate your specific customers {delivered by that all important deadline}.


Hey you, I’m Jeda Pearl, a fellow non-conformist :-)


Born & raised in Bonnie Scotland, you can picture me dancing among the wild heather & thistledown, while I whip up delectable copy for passionate entrepreneurs, small biz owners and big dreamers, like you.


I’ve been writing for businesses since 2003 and, be you American, Australian or Grenadian, I’ve got your back – ie, I write in both British English & American English.


My approach involves a harmonious blend of strategy and storytelling, with a precise dash of science and a generous dose of restorative clarity thrown in.


This method’s evolved over several years, where I’ve written squillions of words, run an award-flirting business {national biz award finals x2!}; promoted over a hundred designer-makers; achieved several successful press releases; had two babies {ok, having kids doesn’t transform you into a writer, but it does give you all kinds of determination – and they have an undeniable cute factor!}; been invited to work on business development for micro traders by my local government enterprise agency; undertaken plenty of B2B vs B2C marketing; and consulted with numerous awe-inspiring businesswomen.

Vintage lighting decor with retro filter effect

I know I can tease out your unique competitive advantage…


I want to help the right customers resonate with your particular offerings, so they make the natural choice to choose you.


DanielaAddoPic1“I highly recommend Jeda. The sales page copy she wrote made me want to buy my own product! She has a clear structure and system in place, which was very appealing to me and I felt very supported through the process. Jeda is incredibly talented and persuasive with her words, and genuinely cares about the success of her clients.”

– Daniela Woerner AddoAesthetics


You’re determined to achieve success. Don’t you deserve made-to-measure copy that’s just as unique as you & your remarkable business?

For bespoke, persuasive copywriting:

{20 to 40 short minutes = more inspiration for your own marketing & copy + a no-obligation quote tailored specifically to you & your business}

You are a phoenix

{yes you are}.

But why did you start your business? Was it to spend all your time agonising over which words actually work?