How to catch your ideal client’s attention and keep them captivated {Storytelling Sirens} [Video]

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Watch the 5-minute video below where I talk about Storytelling element #1: Intrigue.


Discover the 8 vital & compelling storytelling elements and how to use them in your business content {there are bubbles & everything!}: Download your writing companion, The 8 Storytelling Sirens


Video notes

With so many distractions and so much content being published, for example, there are 3.2 million blog posts every single day!

Here on FB 1.9 billion active users {stats just published} & every 60 secs hundreds of thousands of comments & statuses & photos being posted.

With all this going on, How can you catch your ideal client’s eye and keep them captivated?


Hi, I’m Jeda Pearl, copywriter, communication strategist & creator of the Storytelling Sirens and that’s what I want to talk about today.


There are 8 vital storytelling elements for business writing and I’ve created 8 goddess mermaids to represent those elements.

Today I want to talk about Ianira {EE-an-ee-ra}. She symbolises Intrigue. *Holds up artwork*. Find out more on my website [right here!].


Curiosity is a natural instinct, one we’re all born with. As infants, we explore the world in intricate detail. As we get older we get more selective in what we’re interested in, but the natural instinct of being inquisitive never leaves us.

Which means: you can find ways to tap into Ideal Client’s Curiosity.


I call these Intrigue elements “Curiosity Sparks”. Some writers refer “story hooks”. I prefer Spark. Why? A spark is warm and inviting. It’s exciting, sometimes unpredictable and can grow into greater.

Why? A spark is warm and inviting. It’s exciting, sometimes unpredictable and can grow into greater.

A hook impales and can drag against your will – no thanks!


You have plenty of Curiosity Sparks choose from. You can start with Q, like I did – so explain how / clarify why. Or be secretive, like you’re whispering to your best friend. Or dish out tasty, little morsels.


I’ve put together a list of 24 Curiosity Sparks inside NEW writing guide the Storytelling Sirens.

It’s a FREE guide and only 26 pages long. It’s full of actionable advice & tips to help you write compelling business stories – download on on my website / click link on FB page – I’ll share the link below this video as well. [just download it below!]

Sirens helps you make a deeper impact with your words and forge stronger, more magnetic connections with audience…

…If you’re about meaningful relationships and meaningful success, this writing guide is for you.


Thanks for watching. Be back soon to introduce you to the Siren I created to represent the 2nd Storytelling Element: Character.



Do you prefer “story hooks” or “Curiosity Sparks”?

Do you struggle with making your writing intriguing? Tell me in the comments below – I can help!