How to create quality content when you have practically zero time

Find out how to create more time in your business.
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How often do you feel like this?

Oh, if only you had one full day, or one blissful week, where you had no email, no Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, no clients {just for that day}, no social engagements, no laundry, housework, dishes, kids’ club-to-club ferrying, homework debates, grocery shopping or meal planning to deal with and someone feeding your whole family, then you could get that great content written.

Yeah – it happens to me too.

And just how much content are we talking about in one year?

1825 social media posts + replies, 39 pages of web copy, 2 press releases, 6 sales pages, 17 landing pages, 23 sets of advert copy, 52 email newsletters, 35 sales emails, 3276 email messages and 62,400 words for 52 blog posts with 52 incredible headlines every single year.

The mind boggles.

Even before you add in printed media like brochures, flyers and books or video, with YouTube, Periscope… The endlessness of content creation – it’s as bottomless as the internet.

If you’re feeling like a boa constrictor is crushing your chest right now, join the club.

Let’s run away together and hide in the mountains!


But not really practical, so let’s…

First step when you have no time: BREATHE, then move on to HOW to make it happen.BREATHE.

Take another deep breath, or five.

First of all, you don’t have to be everywhere and do ALL of the things.

Let me say that again:

You do NOT need a presence on every major social media platform, until you can afford to hire someone to help manage them and even then, you could still stick to one or two.

You may NOT need to have a blog. And if you do have one, do you need to churn out posts every single week? Quality wins over quantity – always and forever.

You simply can’t do it all on your own {without tumbling into the deep pit of chronic exhaustion}.

But – you can do more than you think. There are ways and means and tools to help you accomplish the most important tasks for your business.

And that is the key – knowing what’s important for your business.

The communications which appear essential for your competitor’s business, may not be vital for yours. Ditto industry leaders, like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, gurus…

Your audience is unique to you, so treat them that way.


Your audience is unique to you, so stop imitating others and decide what works for YOU and your business - Jeda Pearl


Your audience is unique to you, so stop imitating others and decide what works for YOU and your business Click To Tweet


Sure, they will crossover with other businesses’ audiences but, if you infuse your biz with your one-of-a-kind personality, how can your audience not be unique to you?

{FYI When I say “audience” I mean your community, your tribe, your clan which is made up of your followers, customers, potential clients, referrals, etc.}


Now, in order to decide what works for you and your biz, you need to take a step back and get strategic.

As a savvy businesswoman, I’m sure you set yourself growth-related goals, ya know – financial targets, follower numbers grown, products & services sold, event or launch milestones… But how often have you considered a communication strategy?


Why a communication strategy is essential and how you can put one in place

I’m calling an end to the scattergun, last-minute approach to business communications!

And, if you’re super-organised with an app, like Hootsuite or Buffer, to help you schedule some of your social media, or you have an editorial calendar set-up, that’s great but I’m willing to hazard a bet you don’t do annual or quarterly communications audits.

Are you thinking, what the hell IS a communications audit?

It’s a series of questions which lead you through:

  1. How do I love to communicate right now?
  2. What comms activities has already been successful for me – why?
  3. What flopped / was a disaster and why?
  4. How do I want to communicate in future – is that necessary?
  5. How much time can I spend on x,y,z?
  6. Who can help me with x,y,z?

A communications review helps you learn which activities work specifically for you and why It as enables you to decide what’s likely to be successful moving forward

When I couldn’t find a business planner that focused solely on copywriting and communications – the thriving {floundering} heart of your business – I created my own.

I wanted to take my ambitious dreams and make them a reality without overworking myself, so it grew and grew and became a whole entity, turning into this course: Review & {Re}Claim your Biz Communications.

It’s one part in-depth audit, one part strategic and realistic goal-planning and it’s a pretty sweet price, if I say so myself!

For just £47 {$61 USD / €55 EUR} you get:

 3 interactive 10-page work’n’playbooks

 5 audios

 8 vision & goal charts

A social media content planner

1 bonus Rapid Rescue edit, worth $87

 Lifetime access

Top secret extra bonus Goodies

Get crystal clear on your business messaging, figure out your dream objectives, remove the crazy expectations and set a realistic path to reach your goals. Sound good? You can get Review & {Re}Claim here.


What practical steps can you take when time is an issue and you need content, like, yesterday?

Now that your brain’s been un-melted, there’s that little thing called time. I mean, when is time not an issue?!

If you aren’t already, I highly recommend you start using a tool to help manage your social media, like Hootsuite or Buffer – both have paid and free options. I’ve used both and love Hootsuite’s paid program for lots of reasons.

Create more time in your day:

  • Set your alarm 30 – 60 minutes earlier to create more time during the day, but still make sure you’re getting your eight hours’ kip a night.
  • Do you commute on public transport? Are you making the most of that time?
  • Use a timer to make you more productive, like Pomodoro . I like the Marina Timer , as I can set custom time periods, such as three rounds of 30mins / 5mins, then a longer 15min break.

Chunking tasks make you more productive, so do similar tasks together, rather than flitting between filming a video, writing a social media post, editing a blog post, writing a newsletter, then filming another video.

When writing you need to remove distractions. So no checking email or scrolling your Facebook feed. In fact, stick your phone in another room or put it on silent for two hours. I’ve changed the alert noises to subtler sounds, except text messages and task reminders and I often pop it in another room, to reduce being disturb.

Having background noise can help you focus. I’ve tried a few ambient sound apps and Noisli is my favourite. I personally can’t listen to music or the radio when I’m writing – there’ll be plenty of dancing, but no writing! So using Noisli to save custom sounds, like a crackling fire on a rainy day, or a bustling café where you can’t make out actual words really help me focus.

Set yourself micro-goals with micro rewards, like an hour off to watch a series you’re addicted to, a bar of chocolate, £10 gift voucher for favourite shop or luxury bath bomb; with bigger rewards for monthly goals, like a massage if you hit your sales target.

Decide what your main focus is that week, as well as what you’ll focus on the next day. Preparation will help you hit the ground running every morning.

I’ve heard meditation first thing can improve focus and productivity. I haven’t tried it yet, so will update this post when I do.

Ultimately, the only way you can create a serious amount of extra genius zone time is to outsource.

If you already have staff, you may be able to pass certain responsibilities over to. If your team is small, or you’re one of the millions of solo-businesswomen around the globe, then finding a part-time virtual or personal assistant may be what you need, or you may require specialists, such as a freelance designer, social media manager, video editor, podcast producer, blogger, Facebook ads manager, or sales writer {pick me!}.

It really depends on what tasks you need to pass over – Review & {Re}Claim can help you figure that out.

What do you to make yourself more productive? What tips are you going to try?

Do you have some tips of your own to share? I love hearing about new time hacks!

Tell me in the comments below.


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