The Ultimate Spreadsheet to Track Your Submissions, Writing Competitions & Catalogue Your Creative Writing

Ultimate creative writing submissions tracker, competions database and writing catalogue - google spreadsheet
2 min | Spreadsheets are your friend when it comes to keeping track of your writing. I’ve been using spreadsheets for my clients and my own content, including social media and blog posts {published + ideas}. As I was going through my old creative writing from the past ten years, I decided to create a spreadsheet to catalogue all my creative writing and I ended up making a creative writing submission tracker!

It grew and grew and developed into a spreadsheet which has the ability to track submissions, list publications and competitions and more.

I think it’s a great tool and didn’t want to keep it to myself, so I’ve made a blank version for you to download or save your own copy in your Google Drive.

You can use it in its original form – a Google Sheet – or an Excel spreadsheet or Open Document Sheet. It’ll help you keep track of all your work + where to send it to {and when}.


Keep track of writing competition deadlines, track your submissions, catalogue your short stories, flash fiction, & novels & more

This spreadsheet is suitable for both creative writers, poets, novelist and non-fiction writers, it has:

  • Deadline fields for your writing submissions & competitions
  • Colour coded worksheets:
    • Writing {your work}
    • Novels
    • Ideas List
    • Submissions
    • Competitions
    • Publishers
    • Agents
    • Writers
    • Networks
    • People of Interest
  • Response time, result & genre fields
  • Contact, social media, weblink & notes fields
  • The Writing, Submissions & Competitions tabs have custom drop-down menus for Types of work, eg short story, poetry, flash fiction, essay, blog, etc
  • And it’s completely blank for you to edit & adapt

I realised that my list of publications and competitions may not be suitable to everyone, so I’ve taken those out and made it as adaptable as possible for writers of any genre, whether you write literary fiction, fantasy, Sci-Fi, YA, non-fiction, crime, romance, memoir, graphic novels, women’s fiction, crossover, biography, self-help, children’s literature…

Not used Google Sheets before? Don’t worry – it’s really simple and completely free to use – you just need a free Google account. Or you can download Microsoft Excel or Open Document versions of it too (instructions are on the file).


Download the FREE Creative Writing Submission Tracker in The Vault

The Ultimate Writing Catalogue & Tracker spreadsheet is waiting for you in The Vault

Spreadsheet for tracking submissions, writing competitions and cataloging your work



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