How to determine the main goal or objective of your copy [Video]

2 min |

The next time you’re writing something important, like a:

  • sales email sequence,
  • sales page for your new product or service,
  • blog post where you’re sharing valuable content as part of your marketing strategy, or
  • landing page for your pre-launch campaign,

you need to allocate time to consider:

What’s really the main goal or objective of your copy?

Immediately, you’re probably thinking:

With each sales email: “I need an awesome subject line, just to get them to open it and then, in the body of the email, I need really persuasive copy to get them to click onto my sales page”. With your blog post, you’ll be desperate for comments and shares and with the landing page you’ll be wanting as many new subscribers as possible.

But, if you only contemplate statistics and view your subscribers as numbers with dollar signs attached, then you’re not coming from the right place and your words are not coming from the right place.

You need to step away from the analytics and see the person behind the number.



Let’s go back to the question: What’s really the main goal or objective of your copy?

In order to get a deeper connection with your ideal clients, you need to treat those “numbers” as people – people with real feelings, real emotions and a very real life that you’re interrupting!

So, it’s not about you – you need to flip it.

What’s in it for them?

What are you offering that’s worth their time? What language can you use to explain clearly the value you’re offering?

I don’t care what anyone says, time is our most precious resource and what we do with it matters. So why should your ideal clients stop what they’re doing and pay attention to you?

With the goals and objectives of your copy, you should be coming from a place of purpose and heart and value to them, not you.

This approach is more about the long game, but surely you’re in business for the long game, aren’t you?

Those relationships, the ones which you nurture and nourish will grow and blossom and become your most engaged audience members and best customers.

So, what words and phrases can you offer in your language right now to make it truly worth your ideal clients’ time?