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By Jeda Pearl

Discover my reliable writing tips to connect with more ideal clients & grow your business:

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Sing to Their Hearts

How to make a deep emotional connection with your ideal clients in minutes

Sing to Their Hearts contains the one {writing} rule to rule them all!

This short &  sassy savvy work'n'playsheet, will help you:

  • Pre-screen people;
  • Nurture and nourish your audience;
  • Make deeper connections with your ideal clients & customers;
  • Understand what kind of language will work and use it;
  • Turn a cold “maybe” into a piping-hot “oh yes”.

And it works for {almost} any type of copywriting too!

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Inner Critic worksheet

Stop silencing your inner critic. Download this worksheet to help you determine:


  • How your inner critic looks like
  • Your inner critic's name
  • How your inner critic can help you have breakthroughs and create new products and services

Read more about why you need to stop silencing your inner critic.

Download the Inner Critic WORKSHEET here–FREE!

Find the core purpose of your business

Answer the questions in this worksheet to dive into the Source of your business river

Discover how you can get clear on your core business purpose {and why you should} in this article.

Download the Find the core purpose of your business {worksheet}–FREE!

15 Questions to get Amazing Testimonials
for Product & Service Businesses

15 Questions to get Amazing Testimonials for product & Service Businesses


Whether you have a:

  • product-focused business;
  • service-based enterprise;
  • a bricks & mortar location; or
  • an online platform,

you need great testimonials!


Get the RIGHT questions to ask your clients & customers for fantabulous {and detailed} feedback

+ writing tips from my Notebook.

How to find the REAL essence of your ideal clients: Copywriting 101


Download the work’n’playsheet, only available in The Vault {my FREE Members’ Library for Change-Makers + Creative Entreprenuers}

Power, grit & female entrepreneur start-up stories

Mixtape Social: Power, grit & female entrepreneur start-up stories

9 min | In my Mixtape Social posts I share lovely or critical or fascinating things which spark my curiosity {and I think will spark yours} + personal stories & what I’m reading, kindling or listening to + change-making business owners, incredible creatives and inspiring people to discover. Sometimes themed, sometimes random. Have we met? Share your…

The ultimate guide to writing and editing your content – Copywriting 101 [free download]

17 min | So, you want to write {more of} your own content? Brilliant! You’re in the right place. But making your words matter to the right people – your ideal clients – is tricky. Don’t worry – you can write {and edit} with ease when you know how. In this article, I’ve taken all…

Ditch your ideal client profile and discover your ideal client essence instead

How to find the REAL essence of your ideal clients: Copywriting 101 [free download]

14 mins | If you’d rather stab yourself in both eyes with your highlighter than spend one more minute attempting to figure out your ideal client profile this post is for you. If you’d never do anything so violent, but you’re confused and turning despondent with trying to dream up a target buyer persona that…

How to find (and use) your core business purpose for meaningful success

12 min | Earlier this year, in one of my favourite business networking groups (the Female Entrepreneur Association Member’s Club), a fellow solopreneur who was in the start-up phase and working on her web copy, asked: “I’m creating my new website at the moment and I was wondering if anyone has good tips on how…

How {& why} does ancient storytelling + river geography = better writing?! [Video]

7 min | What does ancient storytelling & river geography have to do with improving your writing & marketing? Get to know the third Storytelling Siren, Jagua, and how she can help you improve your business writing and marketing.   Streams of Your Business River Source and Streams – Creates your brand identity {your philosophy,…

Who are the memorable lead characters in your business story? [Video]

7 min | WHO are the lead characters in your business story and how can you make them memorable? In this video post, we’ll talk about characterisation and how you can use this storytelling element to create more impact in your business writing.   You Are Your Brand Sure, have brand ambassadors – customers, staff, contractors…