Glimmer of the Harvest – a poem by Jeda Pearl

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Glimmer of the Harvest


Death weaves his gossamer, silken threads
around you, splicing through your veins. His ragdoll eyelashes
dust your cheek. He snuffles, urgent, in your ear
– archaic, fragile babe afeard of what the dark may hold.


His scent, a glimpse of memory, half-woken –
a molluscs’ secretion, it shimmers on your periphery.
His voice, the weight of silence between thunderous clouds,
the threat of lightning trying to burn you from this dear, despairing earth


Yet you stride, arrogant. No need to run.
Defiant, thrumming. You laugh, head flung back, a jeering banshee’s scream
to all existing skies ‘I have a universe within me, still.
Yes, stardust flows from every pore. Come try and snuff me out.’




He catches at your edges with his proboscis fingerhooks.
You flick at them – mosquitos hovering. ‘Look,’ you shout, ‘I am not ripe fruit.’
Father Time, the Fates and gods, angels, daemons…on the squall
Those soul trawlers can all go fuck themselves. You close your eyes, a gentle sigh.


‘Be patient. I am a zesty firebird. My honeyed tang soaks through
my lungs and throat and thighs. It bleeds into the earth with every step.
My succulence cannot be squeezed. You cannot leech me,
not even find me, amongst these featherworn fields of mine.’


‘Howay,’ you wink a smile towards his weary face.
‘I’ve birthed galaxies,’ you whisper, opening out your arms.
You swaddle him ‘round the shoulders – a beloved friend.
Until he fades to mist



Glimmer of the Harvest explores my relationship with the image death and my mortality. It has a couple of words you may not know unless you’re Scottish or a Geordie:

Geordie words: afeard {afraid}, howay {come on}.

Scots-Irish word: banshee {female wailing spirit associated with fairies, death and disaster}

And YES, there’s a typo in the original below. I still mix ‘lightening’ and ‘lightning’ up! 🙄 Don’t judge!

Even though I’m a writer, my spelling isn’t that of a beady-eyed proofreader. I use spelling apps like Grammarly to help me out, as it’s much harder to spot typos in your own work when you’ve not had a proper break from looking at it for several weeks/months. I’ll even hire a proofreader for client work sometimes.

Glimmer of the Harvest has a couple of made-up words – ones I’ve chosen to join together. That’s on purpose – artistic licence, ya ken?



Inspired by some awesome Instagram poets, I’ve decided to start sharing some of my poetry online. I will try and still post some to this blog and on Twitter, but if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see them as soon as they’re posted (though some work will be saved for my subscribers and, of course, publishers).

Poetry is a great way to immerse yourself in creativity. Although poems can take days to write – weeks/months to emerge – they’re a wonderful, more immediate way to work with words.

I’ve been told my fiction is poetic and lyrical by writers, so I thought it’d be nice to share more of my poetry.

On Instagram, I feel pressured to take amazing photos and that I can only ever post when I have a lovely image to share (and super-amazing packed-to-bursting life experience to go with it), but now I’m going to break up those squares with images of words instead. Do join me.



Do you follow any Insta poets?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

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