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On courage - inspiring quotes and manifestos for life and business
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I must confess, the word manifesto used to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I didn’t like it at all.

Maybe because it has political connotations and brings back horrid memories of having to pitch my political manifesto to my class in school {anything related to standing up in front of an audience was torture}!

But glance around Pinterest and you’ll find all manner of inspiring manifestos on living life and doing business well. Some are a fiery “call to arms” while others are gentle whispers of kindness. They all overflow with passion and being true to yourself.

Here are my favourite manifestos on Pinterest

Discover some of the best inspirational business manifestos on Pinterest



How I started loving manifestos

Back in the summer of 2014, after doing some deep archetypal branding work using the incredible Cerries Mooney‘s offerings, I wrote down my creative process philosophy:

Manifesto for creators

Image credit: Star Cluster NGC2074; NASA, ESA, and M.Livio (STScl)

Later, I developed a one-page framework, which I’ve pinned up on the wall behind my desktop monitor. They help remind me that I can do business on my terms. And I often clutch at these handfuls of words when my Inner Critic gets loud.



Sometimes we just need a wee inspirational quote  – yep, I’ve got a board full of those too!

Inspirational quotes for business, life, love & joy



Have you created your own manifesto?

Or have a board of inspiring quotes for living & working well?


Please share them in the comments!