Who are the memorable lead characters in your business story? [Video]

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WHO are the lead characters in your business story and how can you make them memorable?

In this video post, we’ll talk about characterisation and how you can use this storytelling element to create more impact in your business writing.


You Are Your Brand

Sure, have brand ambassadors – customers, staff, contractors and raving fans; but you are captain of your ship.

It’s important that your personality, values, ethos & philosophies are infused into your brand.

This is your brand’s inner core or, as I like to put it, the Source of your Business River.

When the Source of your Business River is clear, everything flows beautifully.


Meet Kaimana

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Formal vs Informal Writing

When to use formal writing: Depending what kind of business you have or what you’re publishing, e.g printing a brochure with in-depth case studies & catering to a corporate audience which expects certain level of formality, or maybe you run a dental practice and your clientele are not pre-schoolers expecting their surroundings to be fun & playful at all times.

For whom informal writing is suitable: small businesses and solo entrepreneurs like YOU!


Write As You Speak

The most straightforward way {but may not be the easiest since your Inner Critic might get in your way} to ensure that your personality is infused in your brand is to write as you speak.

Be your normal self! Don't hide behind a mask, so your audience gets to experience the real you Click To Tweet

Are you:

Snarky & sweary? Playful? Pretty serious most of the time? Obsessed with crystal energies?

It’s a good idea to show that side of you upfront, so people know what they’re walking into.


Be Comfortable Writing

If you can push through that fear of being completely authentic, yourself, the person you are when you’re relaxed and with friends & family – if you can channel that in your writing you’ll be writing in your most natural tone of voice and your ideal clients will love it!



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