Mixtape Social: Summer’s end, Aurora Borealis + join #theimperfectboss

Mixtape Social: Summer's end, Aurora Borealis & join #theimperfectboss
8 min | In this post, I share #theimperfectboss campaign {join us!} + imperfect boss posts to read by incredible businesswomen, late summer tunes to drench your ears in sun-shining rays and more!

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It’s time to challenge the status quo & change-up our Instagram feeds with…


12th-15th September

If you’ve never heard of #theimperfectboss campaign, then I can’t tell you that you’ve been hiding under a rock, because this is my first time taking part!

On the one hand I’m nervous because I’m going to be sharing my own {raw} confession here on the blog and also – where the magic happens – on Instagram, but on the other hand, I’m thrilled to be part of this fantastic campaign and look forward to making new friends, commiserating and doling out endless ladles of support.

Ashley Beaudin inspires thousands of women biz owners to get vulnerable and REAL on social media under #theimperfectboss hashtag – you can sign-up here: theimperfectboss.com.

And I’m thrilled my incredible client, Danielle Zeigler, is sponsoring the event and, in her recent letter, Danielle shared some of what she’ll be talking about…

“Mental health, ending stigmas and breaking down barriers are weighing heavily on my mind lately. This week you’ll be seeing a lot from me on social media around these topics and my own imperfect moments doing this crazy thing called entrepreneurship.”


Danielle Zeigler on Instagram

And guess what, I’m also an official Encourager – check out #theimperfectboss Encouragement team! We’ll be commenting support & encouragement all throughout the campaign.

And make sure you follow moi on Instagram too 🙂

Come and disrupt the curated, styled & airbrushed feeds on Instagram – join The Imperfect Boss movement.

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#theimperfectboss campaign with @ashleybeaudin Manifesto

#theimperfectboss on Instagram @ashleybeaudin

The Imperfect Boss movement with Ashley Beaudin

Confessions of imperfect bosses - the reality of solopreneurship & life as a business owner

I am joining #theimperfectboss campaign with @ashleybeaudin next week! Are you? http://bit.ly/imperfectboss Click To Tweet

Ashley’s also hosting an Imperfect Boss Summit with 20+ amazing speakers {for just $52}, covering all sorts of topics, including:

  • Overcoming a Fear of Success, with Alex Beadon
  • Navigating Infertility, with Mattie Tiegreen
  • Being a Single Mom + Being Innovative, with Kelsey Baldwin
  • The Need for Diversity, with Josefina Sanders
  • Being a Creative With a Chronic Illness, with Kait Masters
  • Boundaries, with Laura Foote
  • Mental Health, with Rachel Tenny

Get ready for The Imperfect Boss – inspirational reads

In my last Mixtape Social, I talked about grit – that special something which keeps us going, despite the shitty days and emotional rollercoaster of running a business.

The courage to share your vulnerabilities is important for communicating with authenticity and connecting with your ideal clients on a deeper level.

Read these posts by fascinating women for inspiration in getting raw & real and celebrating imperfect:

1. Esther de Charon de Saint Germain encourages us to celebrate and find beauty in our strange/odd/uniqueness in her Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual and here she talks about surviving depression. Esther is a Soul Whisperer – she’s a certified transformational coach, artist, art historian and branding consultant.

2. Career & life coach + self-love & wellness advocate, Leanne Lindsey, discusses self-care regularly on her blog.

3. Maria Arredondo talks about why we hide that secret part of ourselves and why it’s time to embrace the side of yourself who’s screaming to be set free. Maria is a coactive coach, certified by numerous bodies, including ICF, PPC and CPCC and Psychotherapist-in-training.  

4. On Everday Feminism – an awesome site for your one-stop intersectional feminism & social justice needs – Erin Tatum writes about radical selfies as self-love.

5. Kristen Kalp, introvert + bravery & business mentor, gets real on battling depression while running a business and so much more self-love goodness on her blog.

6. Check out women & non-binary people of colour creative collective + online & print magazine Gal Dem’s #selfcaresundays posts.

7. Brand alchemist, designer & archetypal branding intuitive, Cerries Mooney, often talks openly about self-doubt & anxiety.

8. Follow The Body is Not an Apology on Instagram and check out their website as they cultivate global radical self-love and body empowerment for all bodies, regardless of gender, sexuality & size.

9. Follow Danielle Zeigler‘s business Instagram and personal Instagram where she’ll be sharing her experiences on mental health, ending stigmas, vulnerability, and imperfect boss moments.

10.  Check out my post on Why you need to stop silencing your inner critic + a free {no-opt-in} work-n-playsheet.

And don’t to sign-up for The Imperfect Boss and participate on Instagram under #theimperfectboss hashtag.


On the cusp of Autumn, Aurora Borealis across the night skies of my homeland!

Despite the light pollution from our wee city, the Aurora was so strong, we could see it as far South as my hometown – Edinburgh, Scotland! I was gutted to have missed this gorgeous sight, which happened way past my bedatime, around 2am…

Aurora 8/9/2017 01:31 BST



Reality vs fantasy – #amreading

I’d much rather bury myself in a world of fiction than read biographies, business books or history – in fact I’ve struggled to finish almost every non-fiction book I’ve ever started.

Sir Geoff Palmer Elightenment Abolished slave trade - Scotland's involvement in New World slavery in Jamaica, bookBut after hearing Geoff Palmer speak about Scotland’s slave history at the Edinburgh Mela, I had to buy his book The Enlightenment Abolished. I’d already started researching where to find diverse stock photos, so this talk & book came at an opportune time.

Rather than focus on the horrendous lives of chattel slaves, The Enlightenment Abolished sheds light on the wealth New World slavery created for Britain and, as a Jamaican, discusses Scotland’s involvement in the Slave Trade.

My 15-year-old daughter and mum came to Geoff’s talk – three generations of Lewis ladies – and we all found him a riveting, buoyant speaker. The fact we’re surrounded by street names, buildings and statues, and that our national poet, Robert Burns, almost sailed to Jamaica at least twice, can bring this history alive for our kids – a hidden history right on our doorstep.

After that heavy lifting, I’ve just started reading the delectable, fantastical St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell. The perfectly imperfect strange little dioramas It’s the perfect read for lazy Sunday morning baths and almost-Autumn nights.

Her perfectly imperfect strange and otherworldly dioramas are as captivating as her prose. It’s the perfect read for lazy Sunday morning baths and almost-Autumn nights.


Late summer tunes to sun-drench our ears

What is it about the changing of seasons which soothes us?

Here in Scotland, the balmier days {and nights} can be few and far between, so when they come we relish them –

It's as if the suns rays are an imperceptible silk dusting almost everything and everyone - Jeda Pearl #feelslikesummer Click To Tweet



While I’d hoped to post more Mixtape Social blogs over the school holidays, the reality of juggling work & play wasn’t so simple! Then once the kids got back to school, I spent all non-client hours on researching & writing my diverse stock photos series. Excuses, excuses!

Before I get to the tunes, I DO want to give a shout out to four amazing performance groups who we recently had the pleasure of watching – if they come to a festival/theatre near you; go,go,go!

We’re lucky enough to live in the “festival city” of Edinburgh, where every summer six festivals, thousands of performers and millions of visitors descend on the capital of Scotland – yep, we still take it for granted. This year, our family favs {with older children} were:

  1. Manual Cinema is a genre-defying collective – their amazing performances create “immersive visual stories” and combine handmade shadow puppetry, multiple screens and projectors, live music, actors and more, into producing an innovatively choreographed and magical experience for the audience. They’re based in Chicago USA, but they travel the world – if you ever get a chance to see them, don’t miss out. Can highly recommend Lula Del Ray and Ada/Ava {my favourite}.
  2. Flip Fabrique is a modern circus troupe from Quebec. We loved their gravity-defying, comedic + emotive style last year in Attrape Moi, so came back for more to experience Transit – awesomeness.
  3. We took the kids to their first late night jazz performance, Queens of the Blues, by Blueswater featuring Nicole Smit – her sultry/feisty presence + ear-melting, smouldering voice is divine!
  4. If you get the opportunity to see Hot Brown Honey on their World pollination Tour, don’t miss the chance to #fightthepatriarchy + #decoloniseandmoisturise and be educated on the bullshit women of colour & First Nation people put up with daily! They’re the most incredible, stereotype-busting, empowering, uplifting cabaret show ever {which I enjoyed with my own Hot Brown Honeys & Mama Bee}.


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I promised you tunes…

We’re film-night mad in this house, but only with Mr Thomson‘s homemade pizza & a decent red and, while I usually rely on Mr T for the best sound selection, a recent movie we’ll be watching again soon is Chef. Great feel good film. Even better tunes.

Chef’s {Netflix} soundtrack is pumped full of Latin & Caribbean beats – Perico Hernandez, The Hot 8 Brass Band and, my absolute favourite song on the album, Lucky Man by Courtney John {YouTube} – I love the retro sound of this song.

Chef is the best movie to watch with {teen} kids to round-off the Summer. No doubt.

Buy the soundtrack on iTunes or listen on Spotify.


That’s it – don’t miss The Imperfect Boss – sign up &/or participate on Instagram under #theimperfectboss hashtag.


What are your favourite things about the end of summer?