The one writing rule to rule them all is… [Video]

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I didn’t care I was in public.

And neither, it turns out, did she.

The wood was worn and soft under my fingers, the varnish rubbed away by years of wiping with a damp cloth.

Her saucer was chipped, showing a wedge of matt porcelain underneath the glaze. A hairline crack was beginning to show.

The tears ebbed down our cheeks and we gave each other a desperate look, trying to express the indefinable – that slush of unending love and understanding and heartache.

We’d given up on dabbing at our eyes with our fingertips by then.

As we moved around the table to sit closer, I thought even the cake crumbs looked melancholy.

I sipped my cold tea and let the cup clatter back onto its saucer.

She reached across and we hugged each other tight, straining to keep from sobbing and melting into each other’s shoulders. She smelled of a dewy Spring morning and I thought, maybe it’ll be okay.

The heavy café door creaked open, bringing in a soft gust of cool air. She took a shaky breath as we sat back in our seats. I rubbed my face and we gave each other that smile. You know the one.

My cheeks still burned a little from all our laughing earlier – mere moments ago {which felt like an eternity}.

With tender words, we picked our conversation back up from where we’d left it.



Loved ones. They don’t mean to make us cry, but often will. Because we’ve all been through so much together – as, I expect, have you.


It’s pure emotion that connects us, binds us and breaks us.

And, as a business owner, if you can tap into the specific emotions which influence your ideal clients’ desires, agonies and decision-making, you can make that vital, magnetic emotional connection.

This is what the “one rule” is about.

I’m pretty excited now because I feel like I’m about to deliver the elixir for eternal life, or, even better, the secret to eternal youth / health / getting your heart’s desire for the rest of your life!

Well, this “one rule” can’t bestow eternal life / youth / health to you, but it can grant it to your writing, specifically, your writing process.

I even braved my very first Facebook Live to share it with you – watch / listen instead {8 mins}


Still reading? Let’s go.

So, this magical elixir – the one writing rule to rule them all – will help you:

  • Pre-screen people to avoid time-wasters and those who aren’t the right match for your business;
  • Nurture and nourish your audience / subscribers / followers / fans;
  • Make deeper connections with your ideal clients & customers;
  • Understand what kind of language will work and use it;
  • Turn a cold “maybe” into a piping-hot “oh yes”.

And, guess what?

You can use it across almost ALL of your copy.

I’m talking, your sales emails, blog posts, “About” page, brochures, profiles, services page, sales pages, homepage… all that good stuff. You’re about to understand why.


The “rule” actually comes in the form of this question:

How do you want to make your ideal client FEEL?


Say whaaaat! Is that it?


Stop for a moment and think about all the content created by other people that you’ve personally shared on your social media profiles – I bet 99% of it will be posts that prompted an immediate emotional response {which is why you felt compelled to share it}.

Thirty-five years of research proves  we make decisions primarily based on emotions and rationalise them later.

“Emotions constitute powerful and predictable drivers of decision making” ~ Lerner, et al.

Invoking emotional responses in your copywriting and marketing can motivate your ideal clients to take action and even turn posts viral.

With this in mind, I’ve created:


Free copywriting worksheet, free writing tipsSing to Their Hearts

How to make an emotional connection with your ideal clients in minutes

This short and sassy savvy work’n’playsheet will help you tap into the emotional responses of your ideal client as they move through the three stages of working with or buying from you {before, during and after}.

You’re guiding them through their customer journey and in order for them to want to start that journey, stay with you and make the purchase, you need to be able to create a magnetic emotional connection with them.

Regardless of what you do {jewellery / coaching / therapy / prints…} and whatever writing you’re working on, Sing to Their Hearts will help you make that essential emotional connection.

And the best thing?

There’s no email opt-in required! No strings attached.

Only IF you find Sing to Their Hearts useful, then I encourage you to share it with business owners you know {any way you like – via email, social media, conversation, business networks, Facebook groups, etc}.


Three reasons:

  1. Sing to Their Hearts is the juicy insider stuff that, normally, I only share with my subscribers and clients.
  2. I believe that we’re stronger together, supporting one another – this digital experiment is an act of rebellion to what I’m finding all over the online business world {in my usual non-conformist style}.
  3. This little “rule” is far too useful to keep hidden, so help me get this vital element of copywriting into the hands of as many people as possible!


When guided to write from a place of genuine, heartfelt emotion you will resonate with more of your ideal clients.


Download Sing to Their Hearts

Sing to Their Hearts comes with an Attribution-NoDerivatives License  {which means you’re free to share it, including commercially, but not change it or claim it as your own work. You are, of course, able to use your answers for your own business purposes.}


If you had to choose “one rule to rule them all” to help your clients, what would it be?

Share in the comments below.