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Portrait of Jeda, Scottish-Jamaican writer

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Why I do what I do…


Your audience expects your words to be full of ambience, meaning and clarity.

Piercing through confusion, frustration and fear is what I live to do – it’s wonderful when your business communication is finally an honest reflection of you, and it’s incredible when your business truly resonates with your customers.

If you can captivate them with your distinctive personality + communicate what you can do for them and WHY they should choose YOU, they will trust you, buy from you and rave about you.

But HOW can you captivate them?


How can you engage with {and sell to} MORE of your ideal clients?

With magnetic, intuitive and strategic language.

Writing which flows with empathy.

Words with presence.

Yes, it is possible to match your clients desires to your products and services without an ounce of sleaze or bragging. 

When your offerings, blogs, brochures, videos, websites, courses, opt-ins, emails… are fused with eloquent, clear language that speaks to them {and only them} directly, that’s when the spark of heartfelt connection happens.


I love working with incredible entrepreneurs and business owners from around the globe, as their intuitive writer and communication strategist.

Relate & Resonate to Radiate

Your potential customers are craving your voice. They expect your words to be engaging and meaningful. They want to connect with the real you.

I can help you share your story

Exchanging stories unites us – because we’re each a beautiful blend of contradictions.

Your business is a unique and captivating blend of:

  • your tenacity & vulnerability
  • your patterns & chaos
  • your strengths & imperfections
  • your beauty & texture
  • your vision & intentions
  • your values & complexity
  • your archive & your future
  • your wisdom, YOUR STORY.

Want a web-savvy writer who can whip your captivating blend
into compelling, magnetic copy?

Find out all the beautiful, strategic and heart-filled ways we can work together...

My Mantra

listen, focus
nurture inspiration
be inquisitive & decisive
trust your visionary outlook
relate and resonate to radiate
break free from convention
feel and know your worth
align courage & intuition
organise & empower
stay inventive
now go, burn bright

Hey Jeda, what’s your street cred?

Velvet BoutiqueMy first business, Velvet Boutique, was described by magazine editor {and Scottish crafts advocate} Tina Rose, as: “far ahead of its time… the first and one of the best”.

In 2004 I launched an ecommerce and events platform supporting over 100 innovative & emerging Scottish designers. Full of fire and ambition, I wanted to provide what did not {then} exist.

I’m thrilled VB was shortlisted for two national awards: the Shell LiveWIRE 2005 Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the O2/Grazia 2008 Fashion Business Award!

Back then I got stuck into everything myself, persuading my extended family to muck in – from handing out flyers in the street, to marking out event spaces with masking tape; from stuffing envelopes the right way, to serving wine & canapés; from editing HTML files to, B2B & B2C email marketing.

Plus I did a shed load of writing {if your shed is the size of the milky way}, including successful press releases; funky e-newsletters; oodles of web pages; event manuals; flyers; bespoke product descriptions for 1000s of products from fifty-plus diverse designers, including jewellery, wall art, millinery, underwear, handbags, fashion and home decor.

I had the pleasure to work with The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design & Architecture, where eight of my selected designers were involved in a collaborative exhibition, entitled Inside/Out printers, knitters, jewellers and fashion designers were paired up to combine their expertise to create one-off, experimental pieces of wearable art.

Arousing the interest of our national government business agency, Scottish Enterprise Textiles, I was invited to work on business development projects for solo-entrepreneurs and micro-businesses within the textiles sector. These projects involved industry research, audience development, marketing, presenting meetings, facilitating live forums, collating feedback and evaluation reporting to connected agencies across Scotland and in London. Projects included the formation of a Scottish Textiles Designer Network and a Fashion Advisory Board.

Since 2007 I've worked on a variety of copywriting and marketing projects for small businesses, writing hundreds of thousands of words, including: sales pages, press releases, web copy, lead magnets / opt-in freebies, taglines, email sequences, newsletters, course content, leaflets, blog posts, marketing copy, landing pages and more.

After avoiding reality since about the age of 13, I officially {& finally} "came out" as a writer in 2010.


Client Testimonials

Tjasa“Jeda is a true word magician! The way she transformed my thoughts (that were all over the place) into a well formatted copy amazes me! She takes care of everything and goes above and beyond. Her system is amazing and she is so easy to work with."

–Tjasa, Miss Ollie Photography

VictoriaPic170-150x150“Jeda is a highly motivating individual. She is fully engaged in any project she undertakes and can be relied upon to deliver to the highest standard. She’s an excellent communicator and empathetic listener – ensuring your business needs are met from all angles. I recommend Jeda wholeheartedly.” 

– Victoria Handley, No Pink Please

kristyYou’ve done an amazing job – far surpassed my expectations and have provided such incredible copy with the little information I provided! I’ve had great feedback about my website content and you made the experience amazing!” 

– Kristy Gostelow, Kadence Group

DanielaAddoPic1“I highly recommend Jeda. The sales page copy she wrote made me want to buy my own product! She has a clear structure and system in place, which was very appealing to me and I felt very supported through the process. Jeda is incredibly talented and persuasive with her words, and genuinely cares about the success of her clients.”

– Daniela Woerner AddoAesthetics

TamaraBaranovaPic170“Jeda– the word Jedi 🙂 Thanks so much for your help!”

– Tamara Baranova, digital marketing maven

helen-newby-for-jpc"I was completely blown away by your help! Your ideas are fantastic and it's so refreshing for someone to come up with ideas like this.”

– Helen Newby, Dee Dee & Boo

leia“You take the time to really 'get' the person and their business and you are a great voice for my offerings. You go above and beyond to serve.”

– Leia Nicole, Leia Nicole Fitness

Hey Jeda, what's your story?


Blending features large in my life. I’m a second generation, mixed race Scot+Jamaican+Geordie and I love to channel a visionary outlook, with cellular attention to detail. I’m a writer + mother + life-long learner + businesswoman and purple is my favourite. I’m an INFJ and a Creator ∞ Sage archetype.

And, just like you, I juggle this inspired, crazy, wonderful thing called life.

I’ve had my fair share of joy and wobbles, like…
     my amazing mum dealing with breast cancer so gracefully;
     being the first of five graduates in my family;
     surviving on rice noodles without a kitchen for six months (AKA renovating);
     our daughter arriving, loud and beautiful – I was 23, nervous yet bold, which led to…
     an award-flirting first business (hey, I made it to the finals, ok!);
     our son turning up nine weeks early, tiny perfection, his ears paper thin;
     my own face-off with the Grim Reaper: breast cancer was pretty shit, but…
     it brought me home to writing and I am so grateful to be here.

I accept more wobbles with open arms – they make the joys that much sweeter.

Bliss is...
Author crushes
Baking (& make-up) mantra

Writers’ reviews of my short stories

The Brink, Shortlisted, Words With Jam Short Story Competition 2011

“Lovely, economical writing and fantastic turns of phrase. I got thoroughly drawn into it. I loved the humour.” – Willow

The Brink, Shortlisted, Words With Jam Short Story Competition 2011

“Your writing is wonderfully visual. I love the economical observation and the raw but restrained narrative voice. …it has the lilt of poetry and it’s rare to find such attention to style.” – Jane Hales

Chipped & Wandering, Highly Commended, The Yellow Room Short Story Competition Spring 2012 

“I’m still thinking about it. It left such an impression on me.” – Paige Carter

“I laughed out loud!” Clair Humphries


Official Bio - About Jeda Pearl

Jeda Pearl Lewis is a copywriter and communication strategist who has worked with 100s of businesses. Her first company, Velvet Boutique, was shortlisted for two national awards: the Shell LiveWIRE 2005 Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the O2/Grazia 2008 Fashion Business Award. Described as “far ahead of it’s time… the first and one of the best” by leading Scottish crafts advocate and magazine editor Tina Rose, Velvet Boutique provided a platform for innovative & emerging Scottish designers via ecommerce, local events and business development initiatives.
In 2008 Jeda had breast cancer. Aged just 29, her healing journey helped her rediscover her love of writing. She closed Velvet Boutique two years later and, in 2010, quietly opening her communications consultancy, Jeda Pearl Creative.
Since 2004, Jeda has collaborated with a diverse range of business owners, writing and editing millions of words, including: web copy, press releases, sales pages, lead magnets / opt-in freebies, taglines, blog posts, {e}newsletters, email sequences, product descriptions, reports, brochures, {e}books, {e}course content and sales copy.
With writing, marketing and business development experience, Jeda can provide bespoke sales copy, action-led courses, strategic editing, plus marketing and communications support to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to nurture, nourish and enchant their audience and make deeper connections with more ideal clients to help their business flourish.
When she’s not word-wrangling or strategizing, she can be found at the annual family picnic {freezing her bahoochie off on one of Scotland’s wild beaches}, enjoying cake and banter in one of Edinburgh’s delectable cafes, reminding her four younger siblings who’s boss *wink*, pushing mix+match fashion to its limits, or negotiating the Great Homework Debate.