Blogging Case Study: No Pink Please

No Pink Please, writing for bias-disrupting parents


UK startup No Pink Please sells unisex clothing and products for young children through their ecommerce platform. There are a handful of retailers trailblazing this emerging market and No Pink Please have a compelling ethos and personal story behind their brand.



Blog Post Series tackling social & commercial gender bias and parenting

As a minority retailer of gender neutral childrenswear, No Pink Please’s founder, Victoria Handley, wanted their blog to contribute to the conversations within their niche while connecting with and growing their community.

Founder Victoria {a new mother} wanted to feature a range of voices – posts from mothers and fathers exploring gender issues and bias around toys, books, clothing, society and culture, plus parenting experiences seen through a gender neutral lens.

Jeda is an excellent communicator and empathetic listener – ensuring your business needs are met from all angles. A highly motivating individual, she is fully engaged in any project she undertakes and can be relied upon to deliver to the highest standard.Victoria Handley, No Pink Please




Together, we brainstormed ideas and I presented Victoria with an initial list of over ten topics.

New to blogging, Victoria listened to my suggestions and I ensured the topic and tone of each article were in keeping with No Pink Please’s brand ethos and marketing strategy.

I incorporated research and statistics into honest, relatable and insightful posts with a sociable tone of voice, including the occasional controversial title or confessional. I also provided image suggestions or my own photos and sourced new contacts for Victoria to reach out to.


Blog: Gender bias saturation

NPPgenderB_200Leading with a short history of children’s clothing and dropping in some statistics, I introduced readers of No Pink Please’s new blog to why so many parents and children had reached tipping point with gender stereotypes and what they were doing about it. The recent headlines Lego had been making were featured, alongside a new British {& globally supported} campaign, called Let Toys Be Toys, in this long-form 1300 word blog post.

Blog: Confessions of my gender crimes; 1000 word long-form blog post

Blog Post - ConfessionsWriting as though I was chatting with a good friend, I highlighted six of my own, very real and relatable parenting confessions. As the central villain {enforcing gender stereotypes upon my children}, I explained why gender neutral parenting is more focused on equality and diversity, rather than gender, while inviting other parents to confess their own “gender crimes”.

Blog: We got lucky: we had a girl first; 1100 word, long-form blog post

Blog post I backed up this controversial title and concept with personal experience and opinion in a conversational style, throwing in some statistics and inviting tips from other parents towards the end.

Blog:Interview with a Young Feminist, 900 word blog post

Blog post - 12-year-old FeministoIntegrating a Q&A into a mother and daughter conversation, I created a space for my rather vocal twelve-year-old daughter to discuss her thoughts and feelings around growing up as a self-proclaimed un-girly girl. We spoke about books, adverts, fashion dolls, primary and high school, with her product recommendations from my No Pink Please’s shop to close.

Blog: Gender Fluid Hallowe'en, 1100 word, long-form blog post

Blog Post - Gender Fluid HalloweenIn time for Hallowe’en, I gave some homemade tips for costumes and festering monkey brains, a short history of the festival, debated cute vs scary dress-up and discussed gender fluidity.

Jeda is an accomplished writer. Her conversational and engaging personal style has delivered a selection of thought-provoking, entertaining and challenging blog posts for my website. I want her words online immediately. I am excited to share them with my community. I am extremely proud that she is a contributing writer to

Victoria Handley, No Pink Please



By featuring thought-provoking articles, No Pink Please can demonstrate they’re a socially conscious retailer and deliver one of their core values: to take action against the gender stereotyping that has infiltrated so many aspects of modern family life.

So far my blogs have garnered interest on social media from parents; renowned gender historian Jo Paoletti; well-known bloggers like Molly Gunn of Selfish Mother; and the acclaimed organisation Let Toys Be Toys, campaigning for radical change.

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Receiving Jeda’s copy I feel inspired and encouraged. Her posts were very well received by the No Pink Please community, receiving positive comments and shares on social media as well as creating obvious spikes in my website’s analytics. I recommend Jeda wholeheartedly.

Victoria Handley, No Pink Please

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