Sales Page: MotherMassage®

Sales page for Dynamic Bodywork Academy – 6,100 words.

Dynamic Bodywork Academy invited MotherMassage® pioneer & founder, Elaine Stillerman, to London to teach her signature massage course to therapists, bodyworkers and birthworkers.

This sales page was part of a wider project commission, which encompassed sales copy, email sequences, opt-in freebie e-course, facebook advert copy and a press release. Over 21,000 words were delivered within six weeks.

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P.S. Wondering about turn-around time? Four weeks is the typical time for creating a sales page from scratch for a premium VIP program. Sales and landing pages for lower priced digital products are shorter and can be crafted & edited faster. Sales page length is influenced by how well your audience already know you and the price-point of your program. Got a tight deadline? Let’s chat.