The Brink short story


In this award-winning short story, frustrated painter Mark is stuck in an office job he hates, sat next to an employee he can’t stand. It pays a pittance and he’s about to become a father {excerpt below}.  WARNING! Contains violence.

“Lovely, economical writing and fantastic turns of phrase.” – Willow

“I love the economical observation and the raw but restrained narrative voice. Your writing is wonderfully visual – it has the lilt of poetry and its rare to find such attention to style.” – jane DH

The Brink was Shortlisted in the Words With Jam 2011 Short Story Competition.

Words With Jam is a UK literary magazine, founded in 2008 by author, typesetter and designer, JD Smith, who is also part of the Triskele Books group.

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The sculpture is a giant hand, open and ready to catch whatever might fall from above. Mark will aim for that hand if a plane ever flies into his building. A conveyor belt of ash-grey cloud renders the plaza quite deserted and the stone hand grows out of the ground, begging.

Mark shivers. The concrete bench is bone cold. His sandwich wilts in his hand, with the cling-film hanging like a bride’s dirty fishtail at the end of the night. The white bread clags to the roof of his mouth – egg mayo had seemed like a good idea this morning. He swigs down lukewarm orange juice, picturing his broken body cradled within the huge stone palm, rivulets of fresh blood meandering down to the cracks between the paving slabs. This particular piece of public art, which dominates the plaza, was commissioned by Mark’s company. He wonders if the artist sneaked in a small anarchic gesture, like the fabled bulls’ ears on the Duke of Wellington’s horse in Edinburgh. But maybe the cradling is the whole point.


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