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Discover my reliable writing tips to connect with more ideal clients & grow your business:

+ Tips from my Notebook Letters
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What if you had a gorgeous FREE Guide filled with actionable writing tips at your side?

Meet the 8 Storytelling Sirens...

8 goddess mermaids symbolize
8 crucial storytelling elements
to help you craft magnetic, compelling & unique business stories


What is a "business story"?

All your content! 

I'm talking: blog posts, lead magnets, web copy, About pages, services pages, {e}books, emails, autoresponders, sales copy... you name it!


When you inject your writing with storytelling, you create an authentic, more magnetic and deeper connection with your ideal client which sets you apart from your competitors.


Why does Storytelling work?

Because it's been part of our humanity for aeons. We all love a good story - it's built into our DNA. That’s why it’s so powerful when stories are used as part of your marketing strategy.

The 8 Storytelling Sirens will show you how.


Each Siren has:

An inspiration page to awaken your muse

An action page with tips on crafting words with impact

Ways to forge deeper connections with your ideal clients

A creative story from their part of the globe

Beautiful, detailed & original artwork

Writing prompts to help you generate new content

Get your FREE Guide: The 8 Storytelling Sirens


Discover reliable writing tips to help you create deeper, more magnetic connections with your more of your ideal clients, so you can grow your business:

+ Tips from my Notebook Letters.
Your details are safe - we hate spam & respect your privacy.

Tjasa"Jeda is a true word magician! The way she transformed my thoughts (which were all over the place) amazes me! She takes care of everything, her system is amazing and she’s so easy to work with.” 

– Tjasa, Miss Ollie Photography

VictoriaPic170-150x150"Jeda's an excellent communicator and empathetic listener – ensuring your business needs are met from all angles. I recommend Jeda wholeheartedly."  

- Victoria Handley, No Pink Please

DanielaAddoPic1 "The sales page copy Jeda wrote made me want to buy my own product! She's incredibly talented and persuasive with her words, and genuinely cares about the success of her clients." 

- Daniela Woerner, AddoAesthetics


Hey, I'm Jeda Pearl.

I'm a copywriter & communication strategist and creator of the Storytelling Sirens.

I help incredible business owners, from around the globe, make magnetic connections with more of their ideal clients, so they can grow their businesses.

Born & based in Bonnie Scotland, you can picture me dancing among the wild heather and thistledown, while I whip you up some delectable copy.

If you enjoy using expansive, supportive frameworks to DIY your own content, or you’re wishing it was whisked off your {ever spinning} plates… if you seek meaningful connection with your audience, you're in the right place.

Since 2003, I've collaborated with a diverse range of inspiring businesses, from trailblazing start-ups to bodacious, award-winning bizmamas. And I've written millions of words, including: web copy, press releases, newsletters, emails, product descriptions, reports, blog posts, brochures, taglines, ebooks, ecourses and sales copy.

I've poured my heart and soul into The Storytelling Sirens because I want more business owners to feel confident they can nourish the world {and their ideal clients} with compelling biz-stories that aren't a nightmare to write.

helen-newby-for-jpc"I was completely blown away by your help! Your ideas are fantastic and it's so refreshing for someone to come up with ideas like this.” 

– Helen Newby, Dee Dee & Boo

leia“You take the time to really 'get' the person and their business and you are a great voice for my offerings. You go above and beyond to serve.” 

– Leia Nicole, Leia Nicole Fitness

KristyPic170-150x150"You've done an amazing job - far surpassed my expectations and have provided such incredible copy! You made the experience amazing!"  

- Kristy Gostelow, Kadence Group