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Glimmer of the Harvest – a poem by Jeda Pearl

Jeda pearl's poems

2 min | Glimmer of the Harvest   Death weaves his gossamer, silken threads around you, splicing through your veins. His ragdoll eyelashes dust your cheek. He snuffles, urgent, in your ear – archaic, fragile babe afeard of what the dark may hold.   His scent, a glimpse of memory, half-woken – a molluscs’ secretion, it shimmers on your periphery.…

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How to determine the main goal or objective of your copy [Video]

2 min | The next time you’re writing something important, like a: sales email sequence, sales page for your new product or service, blog post where you’re sharing valuable content as part of your marketing strategy, or landing page for your pre-launch campaign, you need to allocate time to consider: What’s really the main goal…

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