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A world in cinders – a poem by Jeda Pearl

Poetic response - when your world is falling apart

1 min |   Sun-baked, it crumbles in our hands Parched cinders flee on howling gales The bitter taste sticks to our lips, burns throats and clings to salt-crust faces Through rasping breaths we choke ourselves   We grapple and try to grab one another Confused, dust-smeared fingers blunder, slip Desolate sorrow is yours and mine alone   Until,…

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When the world feels like it’s crumbling, try this

7 min | When an unthinkable tragedy strikes, our heart feels ripped out of us. There’s the brief numbing shock before it scatterguns home. We have no choice but to haul ourselves through the tough time and with tender, tentative steps, move forward. But when it’s a sudden collective experience – a horrific terrorist attack near…

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