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The one writing rule to rule them all is… [Video]

3 min | I didn’t care I was in public. And neither, it turns out, did she. The wood was worn and soft under my fingers, the varnish rubbed away by years of wiping with a damp cloth. Her saucer was chipped, showing a wedge of matt porcelain underneath the glaze. A hairline crack was…

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Is this vital captivating ingredient missing from your writing?

The vital captivating ingredient missing from your writing

5 min | My brother-in-law is an actor and when he was in theatre school he had whole tutorials on this very subject. It’s the essential element which makes a character real, three-dimensional, absorbing – believable. Novelists also use this method to a realise complex scenes, plots and characters which you fall in love with.…

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How to create quality content when you have practically zero time

Find out how to create more time in your business.

 7 min | How often do you feel like this? Oh, if only you had one full day, or one blissful week, where you had no email, no Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, no clients {just for that day}, no social engagements, no laundry, housework, dishes, kids’ club-to-club ferrying, homework debates, grocery shopping or meal planning to deal with…

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