Welcome to Jeda Pearl Creative

I am over-the-moon happy to be launching this website!

It's been two whole months in the {physical} making and more before that, sourcing all the right themes, plugins and software. I can't wait to share the courses, freebies and services I've quietly been developing.

This new platform may not look too different from before, design-wise, but it's completely different on the inside - it's faster, can do more cool things, subscribers and customers can log-in and access their VIP Members-Only content and clients will be able to hire me at the touch of a button. Whoop!

So, yeah, I'm pretty stoked. And I've got so many ideas I want to write about - I'm really going to enjoy filling this digital Notebook over the coming months and years...


When researching WordPress plugins and working out how to deliver my courses, services and products online, I came across Chris Lema , who's blog posts helped me tremendously. He talks about "building a platform" instead of a website, which made complete sense to me.

My first business, Velvet Boutique {events & ecommerce; 2004-2010}, had the mission of creating a platform for Scottish-based designer-makers to reach more people. I even had the honour of consulting for our national government enterprise agency, working with textile micros & sole traders on business development projects.

And here I am creating another platform! I still want to help small businesses, but during this part of my purpose-driven biz journey I want to help businesswomen around the world with their communications, marketing and growth.

Heartfelt communication is at the core of every great business - it's soooooo important we connect, nourish and nurture our audience.

But not everyone finds this natural. A lack of confidence or feeling slimy when writing sales copy could be the issue, or not knowing where to start or how to best communicate to your ideal clients. For others maybe it's now time bring in an experienced consultant or freelancer, because you want to stay focused on what you excel at.

So welcome to my digital home!

Here you'll find sincerity and sarcasm while we work on our writing. Here we choose to put creation first. We choose to uplift one another and be in love with our business. We're willing to word hard at building a business that works for us - and our community and customers - not against.

Before this turns into a manifesto... you can read more about my biz + life journey and why I do what I do on my Philosophy "About" page.



Thank you

Bringing my crazy dreams to life would not be possible without the unending support from my...

...partner Matthew {our in-house photographer}, incredible kids who just won't stop growing up, "you can do anything" parents, four younger siblings who still love me bossing them about, lovely in-laws & extended family {there are a LOT of us!} - I'm so lucky to have the family I have {it's not just the childcare, you guys, honest!} and, never forgetting my cherished friends, of course!

You've all listened to my late-night rants and wacky plans, wondered what on earth I'm wearing, made me laugh until it hurts and so much more. I hope I've returned the favour.

I admire each and every one of you.



I promise the soppiness will be occasional {mostly}. Saying thank you is important. And I'm not finished.

Because this website wouldn't be here without the amazing Mina - my Community Manager / Executive Assistant. Not only did she help built this platform, but she does fantastic work behind the scenes, here at JPC, and is SO valued. My team is small but mighty!

I must also credit Lance & the team from unhack.us  for keeping security locked down tight and getting this site up and over from the test site - thank you guys.

And finally - every client and biz owner I have and will collaborate with - you inspire me every day to keep doing this crazy thing called business.

P.S. If there's a topic you'd love to see on here or a particular writing / marketing / biz development thing you're struggling with, fill out this 30-second, 2-question anonymous survey.